It's tough to beat this crowd-pleaser! Our special blend of deluxe cream cheese, tomatoes, and chilis woven with  fresh Carolina country sausage makes this savory Southern staple sing! 

It's perfect for every social occasion. So if you have notions of Blue-Ribbon Tailgates, or being the Bunco Belle or Cookout King -- then get yourself some Big Delicious Carolina Sausage Dip! You'll be the Pride of Every Party!


Wanna bring home the heat? Well, there’s a new dip in town from the land where we do BBQ right — Original Hot ‘Cue dip. We take pit-cooked pulled pork (slow-roasted over natural hardwood coals, of course), the very best eastern NC vinegar-based barbecue sauce, and succulent shoe-peg corn to create a perfect combination of smoky, spicy, and sweet! Full of our signature Big Delicious flavor, this Triple Crown taste bud tantalizer Thrills Every Occasion!




I didn’t learn to cook from my Nana.  Or even from Mom.  Nope, I cut my teeth chopping ingredients for my Dad.  A true Southern gentleman, a colorful storyteller, and an all-around guy’s guy -- my father cooked with passion.  “Use the best ingredients,” he lectured.  “Take your time,” he nagged.  And “always”, he said, “keep it simple.”  Except, that is, with the flavor.  Ever generous with the spice, the Old Man wasn’t about peace, harmony, and Kumbaya.  No sir, he was all about blitzing the taste buds with big, delicious flavor!


Today I make hearty good food in small batches – so you don’t have to.  Look for the Big Delicious gold star and grab some today for your next party, or tailgate, or ….. whatever strikes your fancy.  It's always good to have some on hand!

Made By Southern Hands, Okra Magazine

Okra Magazine


We love getting out and sampling Big Delicious because we meet so many nice folks, make new friends, and get to answer really good questions.   Here are some we'd like to share:

What makes your sausage dip taste so good?

Well, thanks (for lobbing up this softball question), we appreciate it and we're very happy that you approve. We worked really hard at formulating something that we hoped y'all would enjoy. Our sausage dip uses a country sausage that we have made especially for us, and it's really fresh.  In fact, more often than not the sausage is ground and made just prior to going into our dip. It's never frozen beforehand and we use a lot of it.  We also use what we consider to be the very best cream cheese available.  (Trust us, we tried them all.) We use the one that tastes and performs best -- and it does make a really big difference.

Will Carolina Sausage Dip cure a hangover?

OK, we laughed really hard when asked this question.  Simply didn't see it coming. The short answer is: we don't know.  Big Delicious makes no specific health claims on its products, but we reckon there's only one way to know for sure on this one..............

What's the best thing to eat with your sausage dip?

 In our opinion any chip, or cracker, or bread works perfectly when using Carolina Sausage Dip as an appetizer/dip. Veggies, too.  It's a matter of personal preference, really, and availability (we'll get into that more later). Do we have a favorite? Yes. (We're not saying what it is, but it rhymes with see-toes.)  People seem to like it on almost everything. 

OK, so you have a new dip - what's the big deal?

Thanks, Dear -- always glad to see your comments here.  And anyway, it kind of is a big deal because it's new and different. For starters it has real pit-cooked pulled pork (and no, I'm not stoopid enough to start a "whose barbecue is better" war, because it is all good). It also features a fantastic vinegar-based barbecue sauce  that's guaranteed to provide a little kick without scalding your taste buds. And we throw in some sweet corn to round it out and keep you craving more.  

Feel free to reach us with any other questions. See below - it's easy. Oh, and do please follow us on social media.  You never know what goodies may come your way when you do!


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